How To Be A Highly Successful Transformational Healer Webinar


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Dates: Sunday 9th August

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Everyone is a healer of their own right.

Some individuals have an innate gift to heal others people, plants, animals or even geographical regions.

Others acquire the knowledge and skills to become a healer.

Both types of healers have a deep desire to make a significant difference to the people and the planet.

They wish to ease pain, suffering and make way for happiness, fulfilment and freedom for their clients.

Is this you? Do you have a burning desire to become a professional transformational healer?

Professional healer meaning trained to heal and get paid in doing so.

If “YES” and you are willing to invest the time and energy to increase your capability as a professional healer, then join me for this exclusive live webinar.

I’ve restrained myself for sharing some of the biggest secrets to building a healing practice to all but my private high value clients over the last 8 years.

During this live webinar, you will discover:

✅ How healers are sabotaged by the 7 biggest healing myths

✅ How to avoid the 7 most common mistakes in building a successful healing practice

✅ How scientific evidence supports energy healing

✅ How to build your healing practice efficiently, effectively and profitably

✅ How alternative healing methods will continue to enjoy a surge in demand over the next 2-3 years

✅ How to position yourself as a trusted advisor

✅ How and why healers have to change the way they operate their business if they wish to thrive

✅ How to build credibility, trustworthiness and value for your clients/patients

✅ How to be considered a genius in your field as a healer

✅ How to overcome your fear of getting paid well

The content you will have access to can be easily charged at £197 for this webinar.

Should you put what I share into practice, it’s will generate for you an income that is substantially greater than the average annual income of a healer.

That is ONLY if you choose to implement what I teach. Strategies and tactics I’ve taught to successful healers and lightworkers since 2007.

So how will it cost to join this live webinar?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. It’s free.


I take my students’ lives and careers seriously. I expect the same back. Have I emphasised enough that this is not a webinar for passers by?

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About Your Host, Harun Rabbani

I’ve been a professional healer since January 2014. I’ve had close to 100% success rate using my own energy healing practice.

After 5,000 hours of 1-2-1 healing, I realised that I will never touch even the scratch on the scratch of the surface of any population. There’s no way I could reach the world alone.

So I began to teach individuals how to heal. However, I was still not satisfied with the mindset, attitude and devotion of the people I taught.

I had to raise the bar for entry level into my healer training. So I created my own Healers’ Academy for my Tribe.

Having observed everyone’s learning styles, varying degrees of capabilities, people’s time challenges (life gets in the way), the Healers’ Academy is now publicly accessible for individuals devoted to transforming lives of individuals, families, Nature and the planet.

My life has been a series of falling into situations. I was headed towards studying Medicine at university but gave it up when doctors couldn’t save my grandmother. I then studied economics and wanted a career in stockbroking.

After graduating, I couldn’t find a job. Then I fell into a job of product development and sales of medical devices. Over the course of 9 years, I was one of the top performers in two companies I worked for. I was feared by the competition, too.

In 1998, I fell into personal development in order to develop my leadership and entrepreneurial skills. I became an international trainer and a trainer of trainers and coaches.

Armed with numerous awards, including Most Outstanding Trainer in British Junior Chamber of Commerce, I launched my training and coaching business in 2002.

I hated it. I was bored by the people I was training. Who cares that they needed to sell more widgets? I wanted to save lives. And so I fell into coaching and mentoring healers, therapists and other light workers in 2007. Shocked by how little confidence they had in their own gifts, I fell into becoming a healer in 2014.

Today, I lead a Tribe of healers and spiritual explorers and I dream that we are a Tribe of 10,000 healers worldwide.

That’s it. Nothing more than that!